Cultural Expression Behind Barbed Wire

As important as the work the prisoners did during the work day was their experience in the off duty hours.  Although the prisoners were treated well according to the Geneva Convention, boredom would have been a problem had it not been for the encouragement they received from the American staff to make positive use of their leisure time.  They were provided with writing materials, art supplies, woodworking utensils, and musical instruments.  Although the letters were censored, this contact was essential.  Many pieces of art, woodworking, theater productions, and writing have been recovered and are shown in this exhibit.  The display demonstrates the remarkable talent of the prisoners and the positive expression of their experience in captivity.

Painting of Girl by Donald Kraus

The Exhibit

The opening of the exhibit on POW expression
The opening panel of Cultural Expression Behind Barbed Wire

Paintings by POWs

Paintings by POWs
Some of the oil paintings done by POW artists

Sketches by POWs
Sketches by POWs and artifacts of camp life

Faces of the German POW at Camp Algona

Faces of the German POW at Camp Algona continued
Faces and stories of German POWs

Crafts made by POWs
Crafts made by German POWs at Camp Algona

German made Creche
POW made Crèche and information about the Nativity Scene

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